Prince George Airport Advertising Options


Billboards in the Prince George Area


Advantages of
Electronic Ads:


Eye Catching

Variety of Messages

Inexpensive Ad Creation

Visible 24/7

Multiple Locations Available


Backlit signs

Vehicle displays

Free standing display units

Cultural walls



82% of airline travellers say they take the time to read airport advertising displays.

   Marquis offers a variety of Prince George airport advertising options, each designed to maximize your ad exposure.

Prince George airport advertising has never been better with the award winning expansion of the Prince George Terminal is stunning! Many visitors to the airport have been very enthusiastic with the new appearance, as it has created another landmark of community pride. The use of wood and glass has given the Airport the feeling of nature in it’s finest and has created an environment of beauty and class.

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 Plasma Screen Advertising

Platinum Package
1 slot per minute
Your choice of
   1 - 5 year terms

Gold Package
1 slot per five minutes
Your choice of
   1 - 5 year terms. 

Your ad will loop through four 48" Plasma Screens.
All ads show for 12 second increments, based on a 5 minute loop.
Please call for rates and availability.

Plasma and Backlit Signs
Plasma Screen on left with three Backlit signs

   With Prince George being the “Northern Capital” of BC and the recent expansion of the runway, this airport will be able to accommodate larger aircraft and therefore direct international tourism from Europe and the US in the near future. This is a gateway for tourists coming directly to the Prince George area or their starting point in Canada to continue onward to Jasper, Banff,  guest ranches in the Cariboo, the new all season resort in Valemont  and our own Rockies. This also allows the Prince George and area residents more opportunities to head towards warmer climates, as more charters will become available. Regional service will also open up business possibilities as Prince George assumes the role of hub with routes to other centers.

 Flight Information Displays
Silver Package
1 slot per minute

Bronze Package
1 slot per five minutes
Ads are continuous next to the flight information.
All ads show for 12 second increments, based on a 5 minute loop.
Please call for rates and availability.

Your choice of 6 or 12 month terms.
Flight Information Displays
 Backlit Signs

X-Large - 50" x 40"

Large  - 40" x 30"
                   - 42" x 26" Front
                  - 42" x 26" Back

All backlit signs are available for 1 - 3 year terms.
Ad production costs will be added to the package price.

Please call for rates and availability.

New Backlit Sign Opportunities
 Vehicle Displays

Our Indoor Display is available on 3, 6 or 12 month terms.
Located in Arrivals

The Outdoor Display is available on a 6 month seasonal term.
Located outside Arrivals entrance.

Please call for rates and availability.

PG Airport Vehicle Display

1 to 5 year terms available. Ask for your term discounts!.
All ad rates do not include GST and a Design & Administration Fee.


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