Display advertising is an excellent way to market your business to your core customers, drive visits to your website and promote your brand.

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive. If your particular questions aren't answered, contact us today.


Do I get to pick the billboards I want? Is there a waiting list for the ones I want? Will someone call me?

Yes! If you live around the Prince George area, you are welcome to come on a billboard tour and we will explain the options available as we drive by them together. If you are from out of town and can’t drive by them personally, we then direct our clients/prospects to our interactive billboard map to view the locations and learn more about them.

In high demand locations, if they aren't available you have the option of being placed on the waiting list. As soon as it is open, we will call those on the list. You may be next!

How do I pay? In 3 month/6month/year instalments? Cash/cheque/credit?

Marquis can make arrangements for any of those pay frequencies. We accept cash, cheque VISA, MC, e-transfer and direct deposit.

Do I have to provide the creative? What are the parameters around the creative? (size/pixels/etc.) If I supply the creative does the cost change?

Marquis is a full service agency and can offer design services for your display: extra charge applies. Or you can provide the design based on the specific specs required for your display. Various spec requirements for all displays depending on which venue you choose.

How big is a billboard? Does the size vary? What does it cost? Does the size dictate the cost?

Most of the BC interior billboards are the full 10h x 20w but there are a few that are 8 x 14, 10 x 11 and on hwy 1 10 x 24, and a variety of sizes on the island. Size doesn’t determine the cost.

What is the volume of traffic on the major routes that Marquis has billboards?

Daily average traffic on highways leading into and out of Prince George:

  • Hwy 16 W - 10,570
  • Hwy 97 S - 5,727
  • Hwy 97 N - 3,699
  • Hwy 16 E - 4,612

Is there a difference in price between closer to PG and further out?

Yes, typically, billboard rates decrease if they are further out of town or if they are visible facing to outbound traffic.

How many ads are in rotation on a digital billboard?

This varies by location and is changing constantly.

How often do I get to change my creative?

As often as you need.

Do I need an approved credit app to pay?

No, however we do require the print costs to be paid up front.



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